Our vision at Alkhat Al Aswad is to become the leading oil products company which supports people by offering, with honesty and responsibility, quality products and services at reasonable prices.

From the beginning of its operation to this day, Alkhat Al Aswad has firmly and continuously applied a people-oriented philosophy in which ethos, consistency and respect towards the consumer play the most important part.

Our daily mission is to meet the current and future needs of our clients, through a strategy focused on the excellent business operation of our stations, the maintenance of our leading position in the market and the exploitation of opportunities for additional profitable activities.

The high level of our products, our network, the operational readiness of our staff and our punctuality in delivery even under the most difficult circumstances are the reasons why, for years now, our clients choose us.


  • Adopting Best Practices in our industry.
  • Promoting Human Resources as our biggest asset, creating the culture that will attract, and develop a committed talented management and sales team.
  • Commitment to the highest level of Quality Assurance, Superb Products,and Unmatched Service.
  • Core activities include providing for our client.