Performance Specifications/Standards Matched

Our brands is an advanced technology lubricant designed from unique XHVI (group II)
Base fluids and specially selected additive technology to meet needs of the low emission and high performance diesel engines.

Performance Features & Benefits

1. Exclusive addditve to ensure protection against corrosion & soot-related wear & provide longer oil life in Euro,US & other advanced engines.
2. The exclusive additive system delivers improved engine cleanliness & protection against piston deposits to exceed th latest demanding requirements of OEMs.
3. Demonstrated performance for all applications from severe duty in mining & construction operations to heavy duty in mining & construction operations to heavy duty haulage in some of the world’s most severe requirements.


• Latest high power heavy duty diesel engines in both over the-road and off-highway applications.
• High technology low emission engines.
• High –speed four-stroke diesel engines using sulphur content upto 0.5% weight.