AL KHATALASWAD General Trading company with well established relationships
worldwide for the prompt and efficient the product.
Our company specializes in trading all types of oils for light and heavy
engines of cars and steamers and hydraulic oils are
manufactured in the factory in UAE within the high quality specifications,
especially for our company ALKHATALASWAD was founded in the year 2011.


ALKHATALASWAD has selected the world’s most advanced technology in order to create the product of impeccable purity backed by the careful selection
of acknowledged experts as our suppliers/vendors with high ability to build the project to specified quality levels after a comprehensive and exhaustive
evaluation process. In view of present-day knowledge.

ALKHATALASWAD, a company that is totally committed to excellence in serving you, takes the advantage of widened spectrum of strong core technology and introduces an extensive range of products under the brand name of “ALKHATALASWAD ” that fully meet the highest standards at the most competitive prices to suit all clientele needs.